confidence man

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confidence man

A man who swindles his victims by using a confidence game.

confidence man


confidence trickster

another name for con man

con′fidence man`

a person who swindles others by means of a confidence game; swindler.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.confidence man - a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victimconfidence man - a swindler who exploits the confidence of his victim
chiseler, chiseller, defrauder, grifter, scammer, swindler, gouger - a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud
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Diners, heimgangers, shop-girls, confidence men, panhandlers, actors, highwaymen, millionaires and outlanders hurried, skipped, strolled, sneaked, swaggered and scurried by me; but I took no note of them.
Una alegoria sobre la capacidad infinita de los seres humanos de ser enganados por farsantes y simuladores conocidos como confidence men, hombres que nos hacen confiar en ellos para aprovecharse de nuestra buena fe.
It was during the late stages of his life that he concocted the claim that he was the Dauphin; and for the remainder of his life he continued to enhance the story and the other elements of his biography and endeavored, in an age and place already rife with confidence men, to sell his story to any gullible buyer.
Matt Seybold's "Tom Sawyer Impersonates 'The Original Confidence Man'" researches literary and actual nineteenth-century confidence men and their place among American characters.
Confidence Men draws its power through that question, one that is finally being asked on a mass scale through the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations.
Bankers and confidence men not only thrived in this system; they shared the same values.
King's 2004 feature "One of the Oldest Con Games" stars Fionnula Flanagan ("Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood") as a widow who turns the tables on a pair of confidence men.
We are accustomed to spirited intellectual debate and critique, but not to the kind of misinformation in Eric Hanushek's article ("The Confidence Men," check the facts, Summer 2007).
Brennan, a three-time Boston Music Award-winner who has recorded albums with the bands Cast Iron Hike and Confidence Men, has been waking up at 6 a.
Let me set Melville's masquerade aside now, however, in order to take up both Novalis (Friedrich von Hardenberg, 1772-1801) and Derrida, whom some regard as confidence men, others as cosmopolitans, still others--myself included--as apothecaries.
When the nation's premier confidence men could no longer sell the Brooklyn Bridge, they moved to university administration.
CONFIDENCE is the tale of confidence men trying to fleece a big time crook with a major scam.