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1. Mathematics Designating or specifying a mapping of a surface or region upon another surface so that all angles between intersecting curves remain unchanged.
2. Of or relating to a map projection in which small areas are rendered with true shape.

[Late Latin cōnfōrmālis, similar : Latin com-, com- + Latin fōrma, shape.]
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1. (Mathematics) maths
a. (of a transformation) preserving the angles of the depicted surface
b. (of a parameter) relating to such a transformation
2. (Physical Geography) Also called: orthomorphic (of a map projection) maintaining true shape over a small area and scale in every direction
[C17: from Late Latin conformālis having the same shape, from Latin com- same + forma shape]
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(kənˈfɔr məl)

of or designating a map or transformation in which angles and scale are preserved.
[1640–50; < Late Latin confōrmālis of the same shape. See con-, formal]
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