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Noun1.conformal projection - a map projection in which a small area is rendered in its true shape
map projection - a projection of the globe onto a flat map using a grid of lines of latitude and longitude
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More precisely, if u is a solution of equation (1), then for any conformal map F: [S.
The least-squares conformal mapping (LSCM) parameterization is an angle preserving algorithm that generates a discrete approximation of a conformal map (Levy et al.
Reference [10] solves the conformal map from a closed curve to a circle.
A geographic information system (GIS) specialist first thinks about the catalogue of conformal map projections, unprojection, geographic datum transformation, and reprojection with various software packages.
k], converges to a conformal map [Mathematical Expression Omitted].
Map the complement of H onto C \ {-1 - t, 1 + t} by a conformal map g such that g(0) = -1 - t, g(b) = g([bar.
2) is an example of conformal map, since d[zeta](x) fulfills condition (6.
In the cases below, we are seeking a conformal map f from D, the interior of the unit disk, [D.
Given a region D containing a contour T in C with endpoints a and b on the boundary of D, [phi] is a one-to-one conformal map with the properties [phi] : T [right arrow] R, [phi](x) [right arrow] -[infinity] as x [right arrow] a, [phi](x) [right arrow] [infinity] as x [right arrow] b and [phi] : D [right arrow] [D.