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1. Congregational.
2. Congress.
3. Congressional.
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Ms Cong, who is originally from China but has been living here for 20 years, found out on Wednesday she was caught up in the multi-million euro fairytale.
Commenting on this year's choice, Cong told Gulf News that Shenzhen was chosen for many reasons, including its vibrancy and its fast growing economy since China started its economic reforms in the late1970s.
Cong said a UAE delegation of the same level and size is expected to take part in this year's event.
The military police mission changed after the 716th and 720th Military Police Battalions engaged and defeated the North Vietnamese army and Viet Cong forces during attacks on critical sites in and around Saigon during the Tet Offensive.
By his successful predictions of insurgent attack plans, he was able to thwart all their efforts by directing barrages of small arms, mortar, and artillery fire in conjunction with devastating air strikes against Viet Cong positions and attack zones.
Hyundai Thanh Cong, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (KSE: 005380), has launched its Indian made Creta in Vietnam.
Cong Vinh netted his second of the game late in the second half but Malaysia hung on to win 54 on aggregate, setting up a meeting in the final with Thailand, who beat them 32 during the group stage.
Cong, 26, slept downstairs in the living room while cannabis grew in two bedrooms and the loft.
Yet Cong is not leaving dance--or even Tulsa Ballet.
Zhao Han Cong, 23, of Vancouver, Canada, was taken into police custody last month after contacting her sibling Blaine Lawrence with over 200 phone calls, emails, and text messages, where he claimed to be Jennifer's "husband for life", Contactmusic reported.
This book draws on Communist Vietnamese sources, US military sources, and personal interviews to detail the formation, development, and participation of the Viet Cong during this period of the war, and to analyze how the failure of the big unit war influenced the decision to launch the Tet Offensive.
In conjunction, 3SBio announced the appointment of Peiguo Cong to serve as an independent, non-executive director of the board.