coolie hat

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coo′lie hat`

a wide conical straw hat worn esp. as a shield against the sun.
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The pilgrim is dressed virtually all in white, the colour of death and has a special staff (kongo-tsue), shirt (hakui), conical straw hat (henro kesa), stole (wagesa), book for temple stamps (nokyo-cho) and name cards (osame-fuda).
[A]s I pondered I stared at a conical straw hat that hung over the refrigerator.
Sometimes they also wear conical straw hats and gloves to protect themselves from the sun.
Old women in conical straw hats work fields of greens with hoes and picks, and old men patiently fish the bayou and canals.
Hillary, a newly-elected US Senator, and Chelsea later delighted locals by trying on traditional conical straw hats. They were mobbed while shopping and visited a US aid project.