Conical surface

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(Geom.) a surface described by a right line moving along any curve and always passing through a fixed point that is not in the plane of that curve.

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The coatings were observed without any sign of crack on the conical surface and were considered as "passed".
In this section, we study certain spectrum based topological hexagons on its conical surface. If there are n layers of hexagons on the conical surface around square, then we represent the graph of that nanocones as CNC4 [n] in which number n denotes the number of layers of hexagons and number in the subscript shows the sides of polygon which acts as the core of nanocones.
The intensity distribution of an initially plane light wave incident on planar and conical surface cracks is calculated numerically by Genin et al.
When the transmitter and receiver fly on each conical surface with a same vertex at the center reference point (CRP), data can be collected directly in the trapezoidal format.
The next sections propose three of our simulation tools: Simulation Tool_1 (ST_1) performs the optical design of a heliostats field; Simulation Tool_2 (ST_2) evaluates the power collected by the tower plant; Simulation Tool_3 (ST_3) examines a polar conical surface as secondary optics.
The conical surface is developed on the plane unlike the sphere.
Regarding the object basic shape, the objects are divided into objects with an: angular surface, cylindrical surface, ball-shaped surface, conical surface, various profile surface, general shape surface (fig.
The current point coordinates of the curve placed on the truncated conical surface, A(x,y, [z.sub.A]) may be deduced using the Fig.6 and the following relations:
Most blade edges are sharpened using a flat surface, serrations a round or conical surface, and pointed things like fishhooks and awls a grooved surface.