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Noun1.Coniogramme - terrestrial ferns of Pacific islands and Asia
fern genus - genera of ferns and fern allies
family Pteridaceae, Pteridaceae - one of a number of families into which the family Polypodiaceae has been subdivided in some classification systems; Pteridaceae is itself in turn sometimes further subdivided
bamboo fern, Coniogramme japonica - fast-growing sturdy Japanese fern; cultivated for their attractive broad dark-green pinnate fronds
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Distribution: K/O/L/Ma/H Coniogramme Fee (E) Coniogramme pilosa (Brack.
Using inverse PCR and single oligonucleotide nested PCR genome-walking approaches, the full-length genomic sequences of NEO genes were determined for three fern species Coniogramme intermedia var.
Here we report the isolation and sequence analyses of the full-length genomic NEO sequences from two polypod ferns Coniogramme intermedia Hieron.