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The poison hemlock.

[Late Latin cōnium, from Greek kōneion, probably from kōna, liquid pitch.]


1. (Plants) either of the two N temperate plants of the umbelliferous genus Conium, esp hemlock
2. (Pharmacology) an extract of either of these plants, formerly used to treat spasmodic disorders
[C19: from Late Latin: hemlock, from Greek kōneion; perhaps related to Greek kōnos cone]


(ˈkoʊ ni əm)

the poison hemlock, Conium maculatum.
[1860–65; < New Latin, Late Latin < Greek kṓneion]
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Noun1.conium - small genus of highly toxic biennials: hemlockConium - small genus of highly toxic biennials: hemlock
rosid dicot genus - a genus of dicotyledonous plants
Apiaceae, carrot family, family Apiaceae, family Umbelliferae, Umbelliferae - plants having flowers in umbels: parsley; carrot; anise; caraway; celery; dill
Nebraska fern, poison hemlock, poison parsley, winter fern, California fern, Conium maculatum, hemlock - large branching biennial herb native to Eurasia and Africa and adventive in North America having large fernlike leaves and white flowers; usually found in damp habitats; all parts extremely poisonous
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She responded beautifully to homeopathic Conium (hemlock), which is a common homeopathic remedy for dizziness.
51028 Naphazolin Plus Benzyl Conium Plus Cpm Andre Eyedrops 5 Ml
Taraxacum officinale, Conium maculatum, Lotus comiculatus, Lamium purpureum, Rumex potentia and Brassica nigra) in front of 36 buildings (Figure / Sekil 16).
254 Cunoniaceae Weinmannia tomentosa 255 Asteraceae Baccharis latifolia 256 Escalloniaceae Escallonia myrtilloides 257 Xanthorrhoeaceae Phormium tenax 258 Rutaceae Ruta graveolens 259 Plantaginaceae Plantago major 260 Urticaceae Urtica urens 261 Asteraceae Artemisia absinthium 262 Rutaceae Ruta graveolens 263 Solanaceae Capsicum pubescens 264 Verbenaceae Aloysia citriodora 265 Adoxaceae Sambucus nigra 266 Rosaceae Rubus glaucus 267 Myrtaceae Eucalyptus globulus 268 Pinaceae Pinus patula 269 Apiaceae Conium maculatum 270 Solanaceae Physalis peruviana 271 Asteraceae Montanoa quadrangularis 272 Betulaceae Alnus acuminata 273 Melastomataceae Miconia sp.
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Invasive species included poison hemlock Conium maculatum in the habitat and purple star-thistle nearby, which the landowners were attempting to eradicate.
Scientific name Common name Pre-1940 Alliaria petiolata garlic mustard Artemesia vulgaris mugwort Carduus nutans (D) musk thistle Centaurea stoebe spotted knapweed Cirsium arvense Canada thistle x Cirsium vulgare bull thistle x Clematis terniflora sweet autumn clematis Conium maculatum (D) poison hemlock Convolvulus arvense field bindweed x Coronilla varia (P) crown vetch x Cynanchum louiseae black swallow-wort x Daucus carota Queen Anne's lace x Dioscorea polystachya (D) Chinese yam Dipsacus fullonum common teasel x Dipsacus laciniatus cut-leaved teasel x Euphorbia esula leafy spurge x Glechoma hederacea creeping Charlie x Hesperis matronalis dame's rocket x Humulus japonicus (D) Japanese hops Hypericum perforatum St.
Anticancer potential of Conium maculatum extract against cancer cells in vitro: Drug-DNA interaction and its ability to induce apoptosis through ROS generation.
She was a finalist in CALYX's 2013 Flash Fiction Contest and a semifinalist in The Conium Review's 2014 Flash Fiction Contest.
monogyna Conium Heracleum Raphanus Salvia Zea mays Acer Quercus
Pulguilla de la papa, Epitrix cucumeris, el cual se manejo por medio de hidrolato de cicuta Conium maculatum.