n.1.The quality of being conjoint.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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It is here where the independence and conjointness of the two
This study examines the paternal identity conjointness of seventeen residential and fourteen non-residential fathers within five, normative healthcare decisions.
Keywords: fathers, conjointness, parenting voice, paternal identity
This study seeks to extend previous literature by examining paternal identity conjointness in fathers' narratives of healthcare decisions-making concerning their threeyear-old child.
Paternal Identity Conjointness and Healthcare Decision-Making
In such a moment is rare vantage and a peculiar conjointness.
emanation and growth, the emanation of appearances from the principle of life, and conjointness and harmony of these appearances), is a trait of the Arab mentality and a trait of the institutions which crystallize this mentality.
These aspects are closely related to what Granovetter |1985~ calls "social embeddedness," or Coleman |1990, 72~ calls "conjointness," wherein one "actor vests authority in another because the first actor believes that he will be better off by following the other's leadership.
A narrative approach to paternal identity: The importance of parental indentity "conjointness." In R.D.
These themes include co- or solo- "parenting voices" and conjointness of partnered parents' parental identity (Pleck & Stueve, in press; Stueve & Pleck, 2001).
The relatively high frequency of deferral, alone or combined with a conjointness theme, is consistent with prior theory and research suggesting that fathers are relatively low in the responsibility component of paternal involvement.
Conjointness was often evident as the only codable theme in fathers' narratives.