Conjugate point

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(Geom.) an acnode. See Acnode, and Double point.

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For a non-calibration and general camera sensor, the accuracy of relative orientation is excellent basing on the model of direct relative orientation with seven constraints, and the residual error may include the image distortion, match error of conjugate point, measurement error of image point, calculation error and random error.
Let ([M.sup.n], g) be a complete open manifold with K(x) [less than or equal to] [lambda](d[P.sub.0](x)) and If [gamma] is a geodesic from [P.sub.0] minimizing in the interval [0,t], then [gamma](t) is not a conjugate point of [P.sub.0] along [gamma].
[phi] is a birational morphism from [X.sub.C] onto its image; so r [greater than or equal to] 2), and it has the defining two properties that the morphism [phi] separates conjugate points of [X.sub.C] (i.e.