Conjunctive tissue

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(Anat.) the tissue found in nearly all parts of most animals. It yields gelatin on boiling, and consists of vriously arranged fibers which are imbedded protoplasmic cells, or corpuscles; - called also cellular tissue and connective tissue. Adipose or fatty tissue is one of its many forms, and cartilage and bone are sometimes included by the phrase.

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(c, d, e, f) Pancreas tissue: (c) Intra-hepatic (hp = hepatic parenchyma, EX= exocrine portion, yellow arrow = melano- macrophages centers), (d) Intrahepatic segment surrounded by infiltration adipocytes (asterisk), (e) Exocrine portion (EX), CT = conjunctive tissue), (f) Intrahepatic segment with infiltration adipocytes (asterisk) and pancreocytes (P) with vacuoles in their interior.
The vascular increments are produced by a master cambium, a lateral meristem that begins in the cortex and functions for long periods as a single functional meristematic cell layer, producing conjunctive tissue (a type of parenchyma, usually), then a vascular cambium, inwardly (Fig.
Small nonmyelinated fibers were identified in the soft conjunctive tissue of the superficial carpal transverse ligament.
Thus' calcium hydroxide in direct contact with conjunctive tissue gives origin to a zone of necrosis' altering the physicochemical state of the intercellular substance' which seems to determine protein denaturation by the rupture of glycoproteins.
Regardless of the method used, whenever stretching exercises are effective, there is damage to the conjunctive tissue. One of the identifiers of tissue damage may be the biochemical marker, hydroxyproline (HP) level, which can present information about bone formation and resorption (1).
Caption: FIGURE 2: Sirius Red/Fast Green-stained slide under polarized light: (a) superficial fascia; (b) flap; (c) suture wire; (d) tendon conjunctive tissue; (e) abdominal wall muscle layer.
Two bilateral hemi-segments surround an intra-segmental region, in which nerve bundles, blood vessels and loose conjunctive tissue are found.
The histological cuts were examined and stained in hematoxylin and eosin, revealing lymphatic vessels of great diameter distributed in a conjunctive tissue poorly organized.
Absence of radiopacity around the implant may be attributed to invasion of the implant site by conjunctive tissue associated with the bone repair process (SA et al., 2007).
The mass of conjunctive tissue peculiar to the keloid showed itself to be more active, with a greater number of cells and vessels (granulation tissue) at the more superficial levels of the proliferation (Figure 1b).
The radiofrequency effects on the conjunctive tissue evaluated by ultrasonography have been documented in a number of studies [6, 7].
Cytolized (indifferent): index 0: sex determination difficult Preactive: index 0.5; evident follicular development, interfollicular conjunctive tissue present