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Noun1.Connaraceae - mostly tropical climbing shrubs or small trees; closely related to Leguminosae
rosid dicot family - a family of dicotyledonous plants
order Rosales, Rosales - in some classifications this category does not include Leguminosae
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It will suffice to quote the highest authority, Robert Brown, who in speaking of certain organs in the Proteaceae, says their generic importance, 'like that of all their parts, not only in this but, as I apprehend, in every natural family, is very unequal, and in some cases seems to be entirely lost.' Again in another work he says, the genera of the Connaraceae 'differ in having one or more ovaria, in the existence or absence of albumen, in the imbricate or valvular aestivation.
Combrctaceac Terminalia grandiflora Connaraceae Connarus sp.
These findings are in consonance with the observations reported for aqueous leaf extract of Byrsocarpus coccineus (Connaraceae) [41] and for aqueous whole plant extract of Mezoneuron benthamianum (Caesalpiniaceae) [42].
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory activities of CnestisferrugineaVahl ex DC (Connaraceae) methanolic root extract.
Moore./ Arecaceae Fern tree/ Caroba/ Jacaranda 1 2 mimosaefolia/ Bignoniaceae Cashew tree/ Cajueiro/ Anacardium 49 31 16 occidentale L./ Anacardiaceae Capiraba * 1 19 Capim-de-cigano * 1 1 1 Cativo * 2 4 Coracao de Nego/ Connarus suberosus 19 3 1 (Planch.)/ Connaraceae Cumaru/ Amburana cearensis (Allemao) 72 53 9 A.C.Sm./ Faboideae Embirata/ Pseudobombax marginatum (A.