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Noun1.Conocarpus - monotypic genus of tropical American trees: button tree
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
Combretaceae, combretum family, family Combretaceae - a family of tropical trees and shrubs of the order Myrtales
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Dubai: Dubai's high-profile Shaikh Zayed Road will be lined with Conocarpus trees that will act as windbreakers stopping sand encroachment on the road.
Every tree makes your house/neighbourhood more relaxing and beautiful, however always make sure it is an indigenous type of tree that doesn't cause problems like the conocarpus and eucalyptus which might break into your sewers/ waterline to get to your water supply.
Two of those were tree prunings of hardwood species (Tamarix aphylla and Conocarpus erectus), which were planted as urban trees and collected during 2011 from the cities of Damam and Qassim, respectively; branches of Juniperus procera trees were selected as a softwood species and collected from the Al-Baha region in the southwest of the kingdom.
A spokesperson for Emaar Properties told XPRESS: "Emaar is in the process of replacing the damas or conocarpus lancifolious trees from our communities, depending on their location and proximity to homes.
The leaves of Conocarpus and soil samples were all collected from different areas in May and October 2011.
De fato, Ramos (2002) afirma que o Conocarpus é o gênero "menos comum e que geralmente ocorre em locais pedregosos ou com presença de areia de praia e na maré ocorre ocasionalmente".
Most WNV seropositive equines were located in evergreen forests characterized by a low altitude ([less than or equal to] 100 m) and intensive farming of sugar cane in the vicinity of mangroves (Rhizophora mangle, Avicennia germinans, Laguncularia racemosa, Conocarpus erectus), back mangroves (marshy forests with Pterocarpus spp.
The primary native vegetation on Guana Island is Tabebuia heterophylla, Bursera simaruba, Pisonia subcordata, Conocarpus erectus, Plumeria alba, Acacia muricata, and Coccoloba uvifera.
Three fast-growing trees, namely Acacia saligna, Conocarpus erectus, and Melia azedarach, as well as date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) midribs, were evaluated for their suitability for particleboard production.
The Central Municipal Council, during the final meeting of its four-year term yesterday, voted to stop people from planting Conocarpus trees in their gardens due to the damage they can cause.
Jake Jones Road (24[degrees] 06' N, 74[degrees] 30' W), a 6-ha plot (vegetation height ranging from 1-8 m), consists of a mosaic of wet and drier areas with plant species such as Rhizophora mangle, Sabal palmetto, Conocarpus erectus, Chrysobalanus icaco, tall coppice (4-8 m) dominated by Eugenia foetida, Metopium toxiferum, and Hippomane mancinella, as well as upland areas with inland low coppice (1-4 m) with Phyllanthus epiphyllanthus, Amyris elemifera, and Croton eluteria.
2011) and in a few woody ornamental plant species including green buttonwood, Conocarpus erectus L.