Conocarpus erectus

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Noun1.Conocarpus erectus - evergreen tree or shrub with fruit resembling buttons and yielding heavy hard compact wood
tree - a tall perennial woody plant having a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown; includes both gymnosperms and angiosperms
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While useless foreign plant species like Conocarpus Erectus should be discouraged in such plantation drives, said the horticultural expert.
Las entrevistas evidenciaron en primer lugar que los pobladores no identifican Laguncularia racemosa y la Conocarpus erectus como especies de mangle.
ABSTRACT: In the present work total reducing strength or phenolic compounds in leaf extract of Conocarpus erectus was determined in various solvents [water (59 8 ug/g), ethanol (158 5 ug/g) and methanol (296 9 ug/g)] and then nickel nanoparticles (Ni NPs) were synthesized by using only methanol extract of Conocarpus erectus leaf as reducing agent because of its higher values of total phenolic compounds.
Mientras que Corchorus hirsutus y Strumpfia maritima solamente se registran en Cayo Grande, de igual forma sucede con Conocarpus erectus, Chamaecrista lineata y Ernodea littoralis en Cayo Anclitas.
0 m Altura del dosel Manglar achaparrado Manglar mixto bajo monotipico de con 3 individuos de Avicennia germinans Conocarpus erectus, 1 de Laguncularia racemosa y 5 de Avicennia germinans Tipo de sustrato Arena Arena Cobertura total 50% 40% Altura de raiz 10-22 cm 2-4 cm (neumatoforos) Follaje Abundante Abundante Regeneracion Abundante Poco abundante Floracion Abundante Abundante en los individuos de mangle prieto, escaso o nulo en las demas especies presentes Fructificacion Escasa o nula Escasa o nula Herbivoria Escasa o nula Abundante en el individuo de Pataban, escasa o nula en el resto de especies Tabla 3.
Icaco Arbusto Neo Familia Combretaceae Conocarpus erectus L.
Mangrove forest structure: At the Panama mangrove stand total measured distance to center points was 1907m, a total of 170 mangrove trees were analyzed, and five mangrove species were encountered (Avicennia germinans, Avicennia bicolor, Conocarpus erectus, Laguncularia racemosa, and Rhizophora mangle) (Table 1).
Las cinco especies mas abundantes fueron los mangles (83% de los individuos encontrados), los cuales son Rhizophora mangle (539 individuos, 37%), Conocarpus erectus (227 individuos, 16%), Laguncularia racemosa (171 individuos, 12%), Pelliciera rhizophorae (145 individuos, 10%) y Avicennia germinans (118 individuos, 8%) (Tabla 2).
Las especies mas frecuentes son Rhizophora mangle y Avicennia germinans, aunque tambien es factible observar Conocarpus erectus y Laguncularia racemosa.
En este grupo tambien se incluyen a los bosques dominados por Conocarpus erectus y Pelliciera rhizophora.
Three fast-growing trees, namely Acacia saligna, Conocarpus erectus, and Melia azedarach, as well as date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) midribs, were evaluated for their suitability for particleboard production.