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Noun1.Conospermum - Australian shrubs (some trees) with flowers in dense spikes: smoke bush
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus - genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
family Proteaceae, protea family, Proteaceae - large family of Australian and South African shrubs and trees with leathery leaves and clustered mostly tetramerous flowers; constitutes the order Proteales
smoke bush - any of various shrubs of the genus Conospermum with panicles of mostly white woolly flowers
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The genera of Proteoideae I (plus its possible sister Eidothea) with the exception of Stirlingia and Conospermum differ from those of Proteoideae II in that their stomata are generally not aligned more or less parallel.
In comparisons between congeneric pairs of species in the genera Dryandra, Banksia, Conospermum, Stirlingia, Bossiaea, Hovea, and Acacia, seedlings of the resprouters after 2-4 years had only about one-third the dry weight of comparably aged reseeders.
The abortion of stamens within a whorl can affect different halves of the flower, with intermediate half-fertile anthers in the genera Conospermum and Synaphea (Proteaceae).