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Noun1.Conrad Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)Conrad Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)  
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On a cobbled street in the former Cinque Port town rich in literary associations, this 17th-century wool store and adjoining Elders House was once the deeply-cherished home of American writer Conrad Aiken. Today it is run as a much-loved B&B by Jenny Hadfield.
Founded in 1915 by poets Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken, the New England Poetry Club is the oldest poetry reading series in America.
Savannah also pays homage to its more recent history with numerous references to two famous sons, the composer, Johnny Mercer, and the poet, Conrad Aiken. Juliet Gordon Low founded the Girl Scouts in Savannah.
When I decided to include him in Volume 2 of the first edition of American Art Song and American Poetry that appeared in 1984, I chose to discuss the Conrad Aiken and Elinor Wylie settings from the 1938 Schott collection because I liked them and because they had been published.
Eliot sent the draft in July 1914 to his friend the poet Conrad Aiken, whom he had met when they were undergraduates at Harvard, and wrote that he was glad that "the war danger was over"--though that, of course, was not to be.
In an early letter to the poet Conrad Aiken, Eliot makes an important distinction between tragic and petty suffering.
Some of the more deeply shocking biographical accounts include those of poet and essayist Charles Lamb pulling the knife away from his mentally ill sister after she had stabbed their mother to death at the dinner table, and Conrad Aiken, who found his parents' bodies after his father murdered his mother and then suicided.
A quick electronic search produces photographs of Cleon's jackets for books by Scott Fitzgerald, Zelda Fitzgerald, John Galsworthy, and Conrad Aiken. And one learns that Cleon produced various bookplates as well.
Six months later, he was still happy, and said so in a letter to Conrad Aiken:
One of the early letters (to Conrad Aiken) phrases his literary ambitions in terms of seeking "a finer scene.., in other words give an imaginary scene identity through the immediate sensations of actual experience etc." As a lyricist of place, Lowry certainly achieved this ambition.