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Noun1.Conrad Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)Conrad Aiken - United States writer (1889-1973)  
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1 JEAKE'S HOUSE, RYE, EAST SUSSEX From PS58pp On a cobbled street in the former Cinque Port town rich in literary associations, this 17th-century wool store and adjoining Elders House was once the deeply-cherished home of American writer Conrad Aiken.
Founded in 1915 by poets Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken, the New England Poetry Club is the oldest poetry reading series in America.
In an early letter to the poet Conrad Aiken, Eliot makes an important distinction between tragic and petty suffering.
Some of the more deeply shocking biographical accounts include those of poet and essayist Charles Lamb pulling the knife away from his mentally ill sister after she had stabbed their mother to death at the dinner table, and Conrad Aiken, who found his parents' bodies after his father murdered his mother and then suicided.
Cragin, a professional writer who serves on the board of the New England Poetry Club, founded in 1915 by Amy Lowell, Robert Frost and Conrad Aiken, also puts out a magazine called Button - New England's tiniest magazine of poetry, fiction and gracious living, she says.
Su curiosidad se acrecento cuando descebrio que el nombre de Conrad Aiken era practicamente desconocido en Inglatena y que el libro que tanto admiraba habia recibido una muy mala critica, en donde lo consideraban como un pesimo imitador de James Joyce.
Nor should Eliot's marriage be linked to Verdenal's death, for letters to Conrad Aiken imply that he heard about it afterwards.
Las mujeres fueron sus esposas Jan Gabrial y Margerie Bonner; los hombres el escritor norteamericano Conrad Aiken, que fungio como su tutor, guardian, maestro, preceptor, padre putativo, complice, doble y rival, Nordhal Grieg, novelista noruego con quien se identifico por sus experiencias maritimas, y Albert Erskine, editor estadounidense de Bajo el volcan y amigo leal que creyo como nadie en su talento.
At issue was An Anthology of Famous English and American Poetry, a Modern Library Giant edited by William Rose Benet and Conrad Aiken, published late in 1945.
But as American author Conrad Aiken once wrote, "All lovely things will have an ending.
He seems not to have heard about it until several months after the fact, and in a 1916 letter to Conrad Aiken, he assigns it fifth place in a list of personal news--after where he's teaching, what he's working on, how bad his finances are, and how his wife is feeling--and he goes on to say, "I am having a wonderful life nevertheless.
The volume would have better served all of those topics with classic essays by Warren Beck and Conrad Aiken, never mind work done in the 1980s.