Consensual contract

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(Law) a contract formed merely by consent, as a marriage contract.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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- One of the most important decisions taken by the Council of Ministers is that no municipality can make any consensual contract starting 1-1-2020.
Sale, by its very nature, is a consensual contract because it is perfected by mere consent of the parties thereto.
Even though the judge didn't agree with the contents of the contract, it was a consensual contract and the judge made the slave abide by it.
It is no secret that the consensual contract between the Kuwaiti forces since the first constitution was drawn up in the 1920s and until this day, was based on collaboration between the ruling family and the traders and merchants who always constituted the nerve of the opposition with their organizations and political formations, from the Democratic Forum to the National Alliance.
AMR argued its case last month, saying its three primary unions had rejected consensual contract offers in bad faith.
Even with a flawless, communicative, consensual contract, open relationships are challenging.
These contracts include consensual contracts between the subscriber and the electricity company, fixed-term contracts for a fixed number of days per year or specified hours per day, as well as to reduce the subscriber's load to the minimum permitted limit by prior agreement.
The "rights" sought by the union are the "freedom" not to associate voluntarily, but to violate the rights of employers to run their businesses as they see fit and to enter into voluntary, mutually consensual contracts with employees.
Consensual contracts follow perfectly the rule of the freedom of form.

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