Consequential damage

(Law) Damage so remote as not to be actionable
Damage which although remote is actionable.
Actionable damage, but not following as an immediate result of an act.
See under Consequential.

See also: Consequential, Consequential, Consequential, Damage

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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If A, is the penny sufficient, or may he claim consequential damages in the form of additional money to represent the possible profit which might have inured from the dog, and classifiable as earned incre- ment, that is to say, usufruct?"
Liability due to computer crimes and security and liability from consequential damage round out the top three concerns, according to a survey of 25 associations conducted by Miner Insurance Services Inc.
Coverage includes: enhanced medical payments up to $100,000; emergency veterinary expenses; personal property coverage up to $100,000; underinsured and uninsured watercraft liability; environmental damage and pollution; consequential damage; occasional six pack charter and captain/crew coverage available; towing and assistance; and water sport liability.
Momoh stated that Melaiye won't be an asset to PDP but a very big liability because he has no noticeable structure and followers that can substantially erode the consequential damage, such imposition could course on PDP in the state.
In Mary's case, if it is true that the bag WAS indeed faulty from the moment she picked it up, the law says the supermarket would have to refund her the 5p and pay for consequential damage caused by the bag splitting.
The programme will also offer 165 checks to ensure the car is in good condition, and a consequential damage warranty up to the cost of the car.
This is consequential damage, just as the spoilage of frozen goods arising from change of temperature is generally consequential and not included unless covered by a food spoilage endorsement.
The problem in most companies is that they do not track these consequential damage items as being roofing-related expenses.
But whatever the question, the real Tory agenda is to get us out of Europe, with untold consequential damage to our economy.
If you are suffering damp penetration through the former wallof the neighbour's house, then the neighbour is going to be responsible for this, and possibly for all consequential damage to the inside of your house.
The first coverage to consider is consequential damage. This applies when a yacht is disabled by engine failure and suffers resulting hull damage.