Conservative system

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(Mech.) a material system of such a nature that after the system has undergone any series of changes, and been brought back in any manner to its original state, the whole work done by external agents on the system is equal to the whole work done by the system overcoming external forces.

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Courage seems to be at odds in Pakistan, which is still having a tough time to wake from the slumber of a deep rooted conservative system.
In Hungary, for instance, there was a shift toward a conservative system, whereas in Estonia, toward a liberal one.
Although the great achievements of the conservative system are beneficial to better understand the buckling behaviour [2-4], the accuracy of the predicted formulations needs to be further discussed for the absence of friction [5].
Among their topics are from liberalism to human dignity: the transformation of marriage and family rights in Brazil, royal marriage in Europe: an inherently conservative system, modernizing marriage in Egypt, English exports: invoking the Common Law of marriage across the Empire during the 19th century, equality before the law: the intermarriage debate in post-Nazi Germany, and customary and civil marriage law and the question of gender equality in Gabon and Africa during the 20th and 21st centuries.
Instead what we got was the worst of all outcomes, even against Blues' more conservative system Fulham still went ahead, while the hosts created very little for 50 minutes.
The purpose of this paper is to challenge that assumption by suggesting some purely naturalistic and independently plausible premises that can be used to argue for a much more conservative system of sexual ethics than is widely accepted today.
In this paper, based on the steady-state Kalman filtering theory [38, 39], for the multisensor time-invariant system with noise variances uncertainties, using the minimax robust estimation principle, for the worst-case conservative system with the conservative upper bound of noise variances, three weighted state fusion robust steady-state Kalman filters will be presented.
"I see changes but they do usually go a little bit slowly in China, at least in sport, because it is a very conservative system."
"I see changes but they do usually go a little bit slowly in China, at least in sport, because it is a very conservative system." The new approach has helped China extend its reach beyond sports it has traditionally dominated -- table tennis, badminton, diving, shooting, gymnastics and weightlifting.
They accuse Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood of dominating power in Egypt, effectively stepping in to the same role as ousted President Hosni Mubarak and failing to carry out reforms while also seeking to instill a more religiously conservative system.

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