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1. constable.
2. constant.
3. Also, Const. constitution.
4. constitutional.
5. construction.
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Jailing him, Mr McElholm said his comments about Const Kerr, which were not read out in court, "go beyond the distasteful".
Paying tribute to Const Kerr he added: "We have lost one of our brave and courageous police recruits, someone who joined this fine service simply to do good, to serve the community impartially and to be someone I describe as a modern day hero.
Farber, "Terminator 2 1/2": The Constitution in an Alternate World, 9 CONST.
US Const, Art I [section] 8) The quoted language is all there is to this clause, and it appears to have little substance and rather limited scope.
Const Clarke reported then Reserve Constable Stephen Kincaid, a Protestant, to his superiors after he discovered stolen goods had been removed from police custody in November 1998.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of printing stationary and general stationary required for const stage v, Dr.