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This was produced by the buffet of an archer, or the horse of one of the provost's sergeants, which kicked to restore order; an admirable tradition which the provostship has bequeathed to the constablery, the constablery to the maréchaussée , the
(51) After performing her penitential walk in November, Eleanor remained at Westminster 'in warde in be Constablery' until her final removal from London in January.
A total of 909 religious gatherings (Majalis) and 177 processions will be held during Muharram-ul-Haram for which 10,000 contingents of Islamabad Police, 1500 Pakistan Rangers and 500 Frontier Constablery has been deployed .
The Home Minister said the operation was conducted by the Frontier Constablery (FC) and intelligence agencies jointly, they also recovered a huge cache of weapons from the possession of arrested terrorists.