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Noun1.Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)Oscar Wilde - Irish writer and wit (1854-1900)  
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Back in London he made an advantageous marriage to Constance Lloyd, an heiress, sired two boys and gravitated to the centre of society's "swirl and whirl", borne on his gift for talk and his burgeoning talent as a playwright.
answers WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN: Constance Lloyd; Shrike; Hibiscus; 1922 REMEMBER WHEN: 1976 IMPOSSIPUZZLES: The bill was for PS1.40 WORDWISE: C WHO AM I: Boris Johnson 10 QUESTIONS: 1 Dusty Springfield, 2 Gorillas, 3 Orkneys, 4 House of the Rising Son, 5 Margaret Thatcher, 6 John, 7 55, 8 An axe, 9 Bratislava, 10 Suffolk
Fitzsimons tackles the matter directly at the start of "Married Life," her chapter on Wilde's marriage to Constance Lloyd, which resulted in the birth of their two children: