Constant of integration

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constant d’integració
stała całkowania
constante arbitrária de integração
ıntegral sabiti
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where C is constant of integration. It is of note that this relation is established in the brane and the energyofconservation law will be conserved according to the following relation:
Integrating (12) with respect to [xi] once and then choosing the constant of integration to be zero, we obtain the following ODE:
Interpreting the constant of integration C, as the cosmological constant A, the functional dependence of L(R) on Ricci scalar may be written as
Formulae for calculating the rise time of the transient response, the meter constant of integration at using RL-integrator and transducer sensitivity are of the form [2, 3]:
where [C.sub.1] is constant of integration. It is seen from (21) that the boundary conditions (1) and (2) are equivalent to the conditions [eta] = 1 for [rho] = 1 and [eta] = 0 for [rho] = a, respectively.
where z = t - [rho]x +([rho] - 1) and is a constant of integration.
where A is the constant of integration. Value of A could be established by taking in consideration the fact that temperature changes by the exponential law just beyond the limit of the Peltier element.
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