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(zîr′ō-sŭm′, zē′rō-)
Of or relating to a situation in which a gain is offset by an equal loss: "Under the zero-sum budgeting system that governs federal spending, the money for spinal research is likely to be deducted from some other research account" (Daniel S. Greenburg).


relating to a situation in which one person's loss is equal to the other person's gain


denoting an element of game theory in which the amount lost is always equal to the amount gained: a zero-sum economy.
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Note also that the four comers of every 2x4 rectangle have constant sum 28.
Figure 2 demonstrates how the hyperplane (line), which is the line of a constant sum of the values of the random variables and is perpendicular to the n-cube's (square's) main diagonal, accrues volume (area) below it.
has the right to retain the guarantee, the bidder losing the constant sum. when the latter was in any urm.situatii: a) to withdraw its offer in per.
The grain size fractions, which are usually expressed as the relative proportions, are regarded as compositional data that have both nonnegative values and a constant sum (e.g., 1 or 100%) [7].
Average Mundurucu estimates for absent angles on flat surfaces, added to measures of the two visible angles, came within 5 degrees of 180, the constant sum of the angles in a planar triangle.
The activity scale used a constant sum method process, an established marketing research tool (Malhotra 1993).
We examine eight cases of argumentation in relation to a proportional reasoning task--the "Paint" task--in which the "constant sum" strategy was a significant factor.
The fact that the Overall Brand Rating and the Pre/Post Constant Sum appear in the same factor reinforces the conclusion that these are alternative measures of persuasion and in this respect mirrors the findings of the old Arrowhead #9 Study.
With regular towers, most students first used simple addition and only then gave an explanation for the constant sum. A relatively small number of students were able to generalize for higher towers.
On correlation between variables of constant sum. Journal of Geophysical Research 65:4185-4193.
Interruptible market requirements are modeled separately as a constant sum of known markets, subject only to pricing considerations.

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