Constantine I

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Con·stan·tine I 1

 (kŏn′stən-tēn′, -tīn′) Known as "Constantine the Great." Originally Flavius Valerius Constantinus. ad 285?-337.
Emperor of Rome (306-337) who adopted the Christian faith and suspended the persecution of Christians. He rebuilt Constantinople (now Istanbul) as the new Rome (330).

Con·stan·tine I 2

 (kŏn′stən-tēn, -tīn′) 1868-1923.
King of Greece (1913-1917) who opposed the Allies in World War I and was forced to abdicate. He returned to the throne in 1920 but abdicated again (1922) after a military rebellion.

Constantine I

(ˈkɒnstənˌtaɪn; -ˌtiːn)
1. (Biography) known as Constantine the Great. Latin name Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus. ?280–337 ad, first Christian Roman emperor (306–337): moved his capital to Byzantium, which he renamed Constantinople (330)
2. (Biography) 1868–1923, king of Greece (1913–17; 1920–22): deposed (1917), recalled by a plebiscite (1920), but forced to abdicate again (1922) after defeat by the Turks
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Noun1.Constantine I - Emperor of Rome who stopped the persecution of Christians and in 324 made Christianity the official religion of the Roman EmpireConstantine I - Emperor of Rome who stopped the persecution of Christians and in 324 made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire; in 330 he moved his capital from Rome to Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople (280-337)
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