Constituted authorities

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the officers of government, collectively, as of a nation, city, town, etc.
- Bartlett.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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While this cry was at the loudest, the people were surprised by the well-known figure of Governor Bradstreet himself, a patriarch of nearly ninety, who appeared on the elevated steps of a door, and, with characteristic mildness, besought them to submit to the constituted authorities.
We afterwards learned that our eccentric friend had been a lieutenant in the English navy; but having disgraced his flag by some criminal conduct in one of the principal ports on the main, he had deserted his ship, and spent many years wandering among the islands of the Pacific, until accidentally being at Nukuheva when the French took possession of the place, he had been appointed pilot of the harbour by the newly constituted authorities.
Always well disposed to assist the constituted authorities, Miss Abbey bade Bob Gliddery attend the gentlemen to that retreat, and promptly enliven it with fire and gaslight.
With every sentiment of veneration for the constituted authorities, Mr.
And Chief Inspector Heat, arrested within six paces of the anarchist nick-named the Professor, gave a thought of regret to the world of thieves - sane, without morbid ideals, working by routine, respectful of constituted authorities, free from all taint of hate and despair.
NGOs are seen as clean alternative to the status quo and endemic corruption in constituted authorities, but if the NGOs become more compromised than those they set out to correct, then they are nothing but a cancerous component of deceit and destruction of public trust.
"We will remain loyal to our oath to defend our Constitution, protect our people, respect democratic processes and institutions, obey the rule of law and the duly constituted authorities -- no matter the cost," the Armed Forces of the Philippines chief added.
"The Armed Forces of the Philippines led by its Chief, General Benjamin Madrigal Jr., is comprised of professional and matured servicemen and women who are patriots and loyal to the Constitution and the duly constituted authorities. We have learned our lessons from the past and we shall live with it," said Brigadier General Edgard Arevalo, AFP spokesperson.
'The 11 UN special rapporteurs' act of peddling a biased and absolutely false recital of facts, adulterated with malicious imputations against the constituted authorities smacks of unpardonable intrusions on our sovereignty,' Panelo said in a statement.
It held that creating a web site and subsequently posting the videos was 'a clear act to arouse among it its viewers a sense of dissatisfaction against the duly constituted authorities.'
who shall utter seditious words or speeches, write, publish or circulate scurrilous libels against the Government, or any of the duly constituted authorities thereof, or which tend to disturb or obstruct any lawful officer in executing the functions of his office, or which tend to instigate others to cabal and meet together for unlawful purposes, or which suggest or incite rebellious conspiracies or riots, or which lead or tend to stir up the people against the lawful authorities, or disturb the peace of the community, the safety and order of the Government, or who shall knowingly conceal such evil practices.
Atillo said athletes are only allowed to visit sights in the city once they are finished with their specific event but 'it must be with approval of all the duly constituted authorities.'