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Noun1.Constitutional Convention - the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787Constitutional Convention - the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787
convention - a large formal assembly; "political convention"
Founding Father - a member of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution in 1787
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34) Is it really possible that someone in these (mostly "red") states had actually been reading The Yale Law Journal and, horrified at the prospect of a general Article V constitutional convention, created an anti-Paulsen wildfire?
We should not 'throw them an anchor'--which is what we'll be doing if we vote yes on Proposal 1 to hold a Constitutional Convention.
The time has come for a constitutional convention to amend and rewrite the document that governs New York State.
That's the vision, anyway, of backers of a proposal to convene a California constitutional convention to change the way state government does business.
Virginia may be added to the list of states calling for a Constitutional Convention, an event critics say would open the door for a rewrite of the Constitution and put civil liberties at risk.
House Bill No 5564 provides for the election of the delegates to the Constitutional Convention (ConCon) simultaneous with the 2010 national polls to amend the Constitution.
Without the Constitutional Convention and without the document that these early visionaries crafted, Oregon's entry as the 33rd state could not have happened.
This text contains the manuscript notes on the debates of the US Constitutional Convention prepared by James Madison--which is the primary source recording the deliberations that led to the formation of the Constitution--as presented in the volume edited by Gaillard Hunt and James Brown Scott (New York, 1920).
Part III then describes the changes proposed during the Constitutional Convention of 1967 in order to provide the most recent comprehensive account of proposals that may be adopted in the future.
Among the legal luminaries are former Chief Justices Hilario Davide, Reynato Puno and Artemio Panganiban; and former Supreme Court Associate Justices Adolfo Azcuna and Eduardo Nachura, who are of the opinion that a Constitutional Convention should be adopted.
Alvarez even argued that 'a Constitutional Convention is not only the most participatory and democratic mode by which the discussion of the revision of the Constitution could be initiated but it will also dispel any doubt that it is being sought to advance the political and economic interests of a few.
Drilon, a former justice secretary and four-time Senate President, explained that there are various ways to amend the constitution: by way of a constitutional convention (con-con), a constitutional assembly (con-ass), and even through people's initiative.

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