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Noun1.Constitutional Convention - the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787Constitutional Convention - the convention of United States statesmen who drafted the United States Constitution in 1787
convention - a large formal assembly; "political convention"
Founding Father - a member of the Constitutional Convention that drafted the United States Constitution in 1787
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The language of this tradition, whether ultimately chosen or avoided, provides an essential understanding of New York's current article governing constitutional amendments and revision and its two mechanisms of constitutional change: legislative proposals and constitutional conventions.
It has been more than a century since Californians held their only two constitutional conventions.
A recent review of the state constitutional conventions in Oregon (1857) and Washington (1889) for an amicus brief in Locke v.
Contrast this with the state constitutions, which are usually amendable by popular vote and by easily called constitutional conventions, with the result that most state constitutions have hundreds of articles and are hundreds of pages long.
However, it is imperative that they are 'open source' constitutional conventions, like the recent one in Iceland, with a real role for ordinary citizens in suggesting how we reshape our democracy.
The norms described in such statements frequently lack the clarity and the precision to be workable as constitutional conventions.
Constitutional conventions, viewed as cumbersome, expensive,(10) and subject to approval by a suspicious, even dangerous, electorate have fallen from favor with citizen groups(11) and politicians.
Constitutional Conventions and the Headship of State: Australian Experience by Donald Markwell (Redland Bay: Connor Court Publishing, 2016) pages 1-226.
On the question of the parties' respective proposals relating to citizens' assemblies and constitutional conventions, this coalition marriage resulted in the promise to establish a constitutional convention to examine eight specific issues:

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