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law that relates to the constitution, as a permanent system of political and juridical government, as distinguished from statutory and common law, which relate to matters subordinate to such constitution.

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To avoid misconstruction of what I have said, I depart from my purpose not to speak of particular amendments so far as to say that, holding such a provision to now be implied Constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.
In addition to these Miss Tuffin, who is daughter of the late Reverend Thomas Tuffin (Fellow of Corpus College, Cambridge), can instruct in the Syriac language, and the elements of Constitutional law. But as she is only eighteen years of age, and of exceedingly pleasing personal appearance, perhaps this young lady may be objectionable in Sir Huddleston Fuddleston's family.
"She has made a significant contribution to the development of a number of constitutional laws, codes, and other legal acts," he added.
The members of the parliamentary committee on human rights, constitutional law and state approved Jyldyz Mambetaliyeva for position of Justice Minister.
In France, Italy, and some other countries, the Constitution is amended by constitutional laws, which include amendments to the constitutional text.
But in some countries, the legal force of constitutional laws is higher than simple laws, and may even have the same legal force as a constitution does.
A symposium titled 'Freedom of Expression on the Internet and Constitutional Laws at the time of the Arab Spring' will be held from 7pm on March 19 at the Doha Sheraton.
Gazi al-Ghrairi, the general secretary of the International Academy of Constitutional Law and Mohamed al-Mukhtar al-Khalil, the editor-in-chief of are the other speakers.
Why should we, for example, obey constitutional laws enacted by Congress?
Tribe commented that federal constitutional law is in a state of intellectual disarray: "[I]n area after area, we find ourselves at a fork in the road--a point at which it's fair to say things could go in any.
President of Kyrgyzstan Roza Otunbaeva violates the Constitution and constitutional laws by signing illegal orders at the initiative of Deputy Chairman of the Interim Government Azimbek Beknazarov, claimed former Vice Chairman of Supreme Court Ekinbek Toktomambetov at the press conference in AKIpress today.Appointment of Beknazarov as supervisor of law enforcement agencies, prosecution bodies and courts is violation of the principle of court independence.
New Developments in Constitutional Law: Essays in Honor of Andras Saj

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