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law that relates to the constitution, as a permanent system of political and juridical government, as distinguished from statutory and common law, which relate to matters subordinate to such constitution.

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To avoid misconstruction of what I have said, I depart from my purpose not to speak of particular amendments so far as to say that, holding such a provision to now be implied Constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.
In addition to these Miss Tuffin, who is daughter of the late Reverend Thomas Tuffin (Fellow of Corpus College, Cambridge), can instruct in the Syriac language, and the elements of Constitutional law.
In Italy, constitutional laws may also have another subject; for example, adopting the statutes of five regions with a special status.
But in some countries, the legal force of constitutional laws is higher than simple laws, and may even have the same legal force as a constitution does.
In the Russian Federation, constitutional laws are issued only at the federal level.
108 (part 1) of the Russian Federation Constitution of 1993 declares: "federal constitutional laws are adopted on the matters foreseen by the Constitution of the Russian Federation".
Those laws that themselves maintain amendments, in spite of the complex procedure of adoption (the same applies to the federal constitutional laws procedure), are not called federal laws, but laws of the Russian Federation, and their legal force is in pari passu with the chapters 3-8 of the Russian Federation Constitution of 1993.
125) states that the Constitutional Court passes judgments about the conformity of laws with the Constitution, constitutional laws, and international treaties, to which the National Council (the parliament) gave its consent.
First of all, Constitutional Law is a system of legal norms.
Until the end of the last century, Constitutional Law had the name of "State Law" in Russia.
The Constitutional Law of Russia, as well as that of the countries with the Anglo-Saxon and Roman systems, includes all the norms that have constitutional meaning, regardless of the source that contains them.
The system of law norms that is nowadays called Constitutional Law used to regulate only a structure of public authority in Ancient Rome.

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