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law that relates to the constitution, as a permanent system of political and juridical government, as distinguished from statutory and common law, which relate to matters subordinate to such constitution.

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The American will know how to appreciate the importance of this opinion, in relation to the house in question, when he is told that it was written by one of those inspired moralists, and profound constitutional lawyers, and ingenious political economists, who daily teach their fellow creatures how to give practical illustrations of the mandates of the Bible, how to discriminate in vexed questions arising from the national compact, and how to manage their private affairs in such a way as to escape the quicksands that have wrecked their own.
Liew said he and Abang Johari have differences on the interpretations of certain provisions of MA63, adding that they agreed to leave the matter to their respective constitutional lawyers from both sides to come up with their interpretations.
The court must be open for the best constitutional lawyers that Slovakia has.
Three constitutional lawyers explain impeachmentAEs historical role in maintaining the balance of American governance, and define eight legal grounds for impeaching Donald Trump as the appropriate remedy for the impending constitutional crisis and the protection of American democracy.
"On public media this has been analyzed and discussed among law experts and constitutional lawyers. They point out the weaknesses of the Agreement and the lack of legitimacy of Minister Dimitrov to sign it since if it comes into force, the name Republic of Macedonia and the Constitution will be change ", writes Kalcinoski.
There are all sorts of constitutional lawyers in the committee Duterte formed but not a single well-regarded economist.
Constitutional lawyers can debate the extent to which the voice of MPs has been strengthened, and just how realistic it is to suggest they could grab the steering wheel if the country is on the verge of speeding out of the EU without a deal.
He also said the younger generation of lawyers has supported him in"democratising the institution", but acknowledged constitutional lawyers and jurists attacked him from every side."What is the law or the scripture which says judges cannot hold press conferences?
Women who register as candidates have invariably been excluded from standing for election by the Guardians Council - this is a 12-member council of constitutional guardians appointed by the Supreme Leader, of which six must be recognised theologians and the other six are established constitutional lawyers.
To see how, it is necessary to think of the enumerated-powers idea not as an actionable rule for legislative behavior but as an aspect of the identity, professional and national, of American constitutional lawyers.
"I mean, you have great constitutional lawyers that say you can't run," Trump said.

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