Construct form

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(Heb. Gram.) that of a noun used before another which has the genitive relation to it.

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Among their topics are kaleidoscopic variations on grammatical themes: relative clauses in Bantoid languages of Cameroon, the augment as a construct form marker in Eton relative clause constructions, relative clauses in (Western) Ejagham, a prolegomenon to the syntax of the relative clause in the Eastern Grasslands Bantu borderland, and relative clauses in Vute grammar and discourse.
The project will be procured by means of a two stage design, manage, construct form of contract.
For example, the compound expressions involving the construct form of the preposition byny, i.
Main Contractor services for the delivery of a new sports facility via a single stage Develop and Construct form of procurement.
The DNA construct forms the priming vaccine in its HIV vaccine regimen and is followed by boosting administrations made up of a modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) construct.
If "people construct forms of resistance" out of "their own foundations of knowing and understanding" (p.
In "Artful Inclusion: Imagination Visualized in Wire" (page 20), students construct forms with wire, giving their creations a sense of movement.
The booklet also shows simple ramming tools (which can be homemade) and has a dozen drawings of how to construct forms, frame windows, plus eave and joist details.
Barracuda standardizes the process by which Web developers construct forms, localization, client detection and event handling.