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(Heb. Gram.) that of a noun used before another which has the genitive relation to it.

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Among their topics are kaleidoscopic variations on grammatical themes: relative clauses in Bantoid languages of Cameroon, the augment as a construct form marker in Eton relative clause constructions, relative clauses in (Western) Ejagham, a prolegomenon to the syntax of the relative clause in the Eastern Grasslands Bantu borderland, and relative clauses in Vute grammar and discourse.
For example, the compound expressions involving the construct form of the preposition byny, i.e., byt, like the expression for "Mesopotamia," byt nhryn, are quite sensibly listed under the preposition byny but there is no cross reference where by would occur in the alphabetical order (as there is, e.g., in Costaz's dictionary: "byt prep., entre ...
Far from being a Western import, the Lebanese national idea was predominantly a local construct formed long before the impromptu demise of the Ottoman empire.
The DNA construct forms the priming vaccine in its HIV vaccine regimen and is followed by boosting administrations made up of a modified vaccinia Ankara (MVA) construct.
Compelling as Yasser Mroue's biographical details are, "Yasser" is a theatrical construct formed to dramatize certain ideas that Mroue has been developing with his collaborators over the course of his career.
If "people construct forms of resistance" out of "their own foundations of knowing and understanding" (p.
His multiple proposals for Centennial Gate, Arizona State University, Phoenix (1991) reveal a denser construct formed by flattened shapes that have replaced the earlier fluid line.
In "Artful Inclusion: Imagination Visualized in Wire" (page 20), students construct forms with wire, giving their creations a sense of movement.
Construct forms. The woodworking processes were split into a dimensional lumber-cutting operation, a plywood-cutting operation, and a forms-assembly operation.
The booklet also shows simple ramming tools (which can be homemade) and has a dozen drawings of how to construct forms, frame windows, plus eave and joist details.