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n.1.Participation of the same nature; coexistence in the same substance.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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(34) Some of the main considerations follow: avoid undifferentiated use of gnosis and Gnosticism, since gnosis is related to "knowledge of divine mysteries reserve to an elite" while "Gnosticism is associate with certain group of systems in the second century"; Gnosticism can be systematized and summarized through myths of devolution and reintegration; gnosis requires divine consubstantiality and revelation; the existence of themes and motifs and a systematization before the second century are debatable; the question about previous conceptual developments (Weltgeschichte) is in order; a differentiation about the notion of dualism is necessary: anticosmic, Zoroastrian and metaphysical dualism (Bianchi, 1970, p.
The consubstantiality of people and things, or living beings and artefacts, thus becomes an emerging property of the ways in which people grow/make them as much as of the ways in which they interact with them, once made/grown.
Present for (if not actually at) the Council of Nicaea, she had an attachment to Mary but kept quiet her objections about Christ's consubstantiality with the father.
They remain inside the earth or water at special sites, also called Djang, thus highlighting this consubstantiality. In the context of ceremony, the managers or djungkay of the designs produce the paintings on the bodies of the recognised landowners or kidjdjarn.
If consubstantiality means shared substance, the substance being shared here was first and foremost shared breath in a shared space-time.
Thus, it meets the general opinion that the act engine, its quality is closely linked to consciousness, that produce movement there is an interdependence between biological factors and the psychic that the structure motor is in relation to interconnection, interaction and consubstantiality with all structures of the human psyche including the intellect, the various disorders neurodinamice of bark adversely affect quality task of analyzing cortical sensory stimulation, thus the quality of motor response and limiting motor adversely affect the organization of mental causing losses of information which, in turn, has implications adverse general intellectual development.
This epistemological perspective, in presuming consubstantiality of nation, society, and state, also has the effect of emphasizing the discourse of those who speak on behalf of such nations (such as politicians or scholars--"those who know"), rather than the point of view of its constitutive members, the latter being conveniently presumed to be unanimous.
(34) Anselm stops short of full explanation, though, because his primary concern is to highlight the eternality and consubstantiality of the Word with the Supreme Spirit--De Trinitate is in the back of his mind throughout the treatise.
In her second work (10), another innovative contribution, highlighting the social aspect within the technical dimension of medical practice itself, showing the consubstantiality of these two dimensions, technical and social.
In the German edition the analysis is only slightly less fantastic: the opening chorus of Johannes-Passion is this time interpreted in the light of the co-presence of divinity and sufferance (566-567); yet the first double chorus of Matthaus-Passion is read in reference to Jesus seeing and hearing the mass of people around him while carrying the Cross (590-591); concerning the Mass in B minor, Schweitzer maintains both his idea of a musical representation of the mystery of consubstantiality and his vision that in the Et incarnatus est "schwebt der himmlische Geist suchend uber der Welt und sehnt sich nach einem Wesen, in das er eingehen" (690).