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n.1.Participation of the same nature; coexistence in the same substance.
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34) Anselm stops short of full explanation, though, because his primary concern is to highlight the eternality and consubstantiality of the Word with the Supreme Spirit--De Trinitate is in the back of his mind throughout the treatise.
In Funar, people's relationship with the landscape involves diverse processes of primordial consubstantiality and subsequent differentiation.
The Education of Citizen Critics: The Consubstantiality of Burke's Philosophy and Constructivist Pedagogy.
4226, 11/29/29) deals with the Way and the consubstantiality of Heaven and Man.
Modern biblical scholarship has revealed much about the life and ministry of Jesus--as a Jew, as a social rebel, as the leader of the reign of God movement--that should have its place alongside the traditional affirmations about begetting, consubstantiality and incarnation.
It's all about consubstantiality or identification, which is not a state but a process of becoming that takes place in the liminal space between poet and poetized.
The discord between Plato and Aristotle, involved in the different assessment of the individuality of existence, was inherited by Christianity in its task of conciliating the personal existence of the God with his actual consubstantiality.
Because of its consubstantiality to the Anima mundi, human imagination is no longer deprived, in Neo-Platonism, of ontological reality.
The result is frequently revelatory: canonical poems like "Michael" take on new connotations ("In 'Michael,' local pastoral culture is shown in flux, undergoing, as it were, a sea change: it is being reorganized on a new, global scale by a mode of production understood already to take its character from the total scope of its circulation" [150]), while less well-regarded works like Wordsworth's "September, 1802" sonnet come to seem newly significant ("At bottom, as it were, this sonnet captures the consubstantiality of subject and nation that is fundamental to Wordsworth's shaping of a practice of national culture" [168]).
For them there could be no consubstantiality between the deity and the created order.
Because there exists a sort of miraculous consubstantiality between the author and his main character .
The Bible goes on to state that, as a result of this original consubstantiality of male and female, man shall 'leave his father and his mother and shall unite with his wife; and they shall be one body'.