Consulting physician

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(Med.) a physician who consults with the attending practitioner regarding any case of disease.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Trefusis, having accompanied the consulting physician to the door, detected the family doctor in the act of pulling a long face just outside it.
At the last plea of the ingenuous priest a chuckle broke out of him from inside, and he threw himself into an arm-chair in an ironical attitude of the consulting physician.
Lewis Rubinson, recently returned from treating more than 300 Ebola patients in Sierra Leone as a consulting physician for the World Health Organization, offered answers to those questions and perspectives on the current American response to the Ebola outbreak, use the QR code or visit familypracticenews.
The patient must request the assistance multiple times, and both the patients primary care physician and a consulting physician must agree that the person is terminally ill but of sound mind.
The individual must have also been diagnosed by the patient's doctor and a consulting physician as having an incurable disease that, with "reasonable medical judgment," will cause death within six months.
Others delay consulting physician until the symptoms become unbearable, explains Dr Shaimaa Hamza Ibrahim, Specialist Surgeon, Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah.
Unfortunately, many times the consulting physician assumes he/she is "ordering" a study and the radiologist is there to interpret it - not discuss it or how it should be done.
Pacific Crest Group approaches financial and business management like a consulting physician, with an understanding that some problems can be isolated and fixed while others need a more holistic approach.
* The consulting physician saw the patient first to determine whether to accept on going management of her entire care or of a specific condition or problem (i.e., transfer of care).
Other times, physicians made treatment recommendations via the telephone; however, "tPA by telephone" prevented the consulting physician from directly examining the patient or reviewing the CT scan.
There was also a nonsignificant difference in the consulting physician changing therapeutic advice (41% for telemedicine vs.
* To determine the impact of the addition of a consulting physician (CP) upon school absences among students with asthma

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