Consulting physician

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(Med.) a physician who consults with the attending practitioner regarding any case of disease.

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Trefusis, having accompanied the consulting physician to the door, detected the family doctor in the act of pulling a long face just outside it.
At the last plea of the ingenuous priest a chuckle broke out of him from inside, and he threw himself into an arm-chair in an ironical attitude of the consulting physician.
Joseph Hospital in Chicago since 1990; Consulting Physician at Kindred Hospitals of Chicago since 1997; General Attending Physician at Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago since 1998; Associate Attending Physician, Swedish Covenant Hospital, Chicago, since 2000; and Attending Physician at North Shore Hospital in Evanston, Illinois since 2001.
In terms of consultation, the body of the current law states that an "emergency physician should request consultation in time from a consulting physician and a consulting physician should also return as soon as possible under any circumstances whatsoever" (15).
Forty-six percent of cases resulted in no diagnostic impression from the consulting physician.
Mens National Soccer Team, clinical director for the Gatorade Sports Science Institute at IMG Academy, former trainer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and consulting physician for the Baltimore Orioles and a number of other professional sports teams, Dr.
Before prescribing end-of-life drugs, the attending physician must refer the patient to a consulting physician for confirmation of the diagnosis and prognosis and of the patient's capacity to make the decision.
Rubinson recently returned from treating more than 300 Ebola patients in Sierra Leone as a consulting physician for the World Health Organization.
Whitlock, MD, is a consulting physician for Physician Wellness Services in Minneapolis, MN.
In each instance, the ordering physician was contacted; in many cases, a consulting physician was also contacted.
Robert Stark, MD, is a consulting physician with Physician Wellness Services in Minneapolis, MN.
A scale built into the kiosk's floor records the user's weight, and the consulting physician can remotely access small cabinets inside the kiosk to provide patients with other digital diagnostic devices that can transmit information, audio, video and pictures through a secured-connectivity FDA medical device data system.

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