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n. Roman Catholic Church
1. A person, such as a priest, appointed to assist and advise a bishop.
2. An adviser to a congregation of the Curia.


(kənˈsʌl tər)

a secular cleric who advises a bishop.
[1620–30; < Latin, = consul(ere) to consult + -tor -tor]
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The consultors formally approved the school policy change on May 24, 1962.
The sale was approved by the Diocesan Board of Consultors and the Diocesan Finance Committee before being approved by Bishop McManus.
Not only do we learn, for example, the identities of the Congregations' consultors, their theological and ideological leanings, and their judgments on Loisy; we also learn whose forceful voices ultimately carried the argument with Pius X by playing into his anxieties about the dangers facing the Church, and so whose voices and arguments led genetically to Lamentabili sane exitu (1907), Pascendi domenici gregis (1907), and to Sacrorus antistitum (1910), the motu proprio imposing the Oath against Modernism.
The consultors were greatly agitated and, backed by Bishop Remi de Roo, Chairman of the theological commission, called for "freedom of conscience.
His appointment was confirmed after a two hour meeting of the 12-strong College of Consultors.
French group Altran Technologies has bought the Spanish information technology advisory firm Strategy Consultors, based in Barcelona, the two companies announced at a joint press conference in late April.
Only those acknowledged as outstanding professional theologians should be consultors to the congregation, with a fixed term of office and no one appointed who is more than 75.
Despite criticisms from groups of parents who had taken an interest in the pilot projects independently from consultors to the editorial team, the bishops put their stamp of approval on it.
During fall 2005, my pastor and I were called before the Detroit archdiocesan College of Consultors.
This is a normal procedure under Canon Law and presumes wide consultation with the papal nuncio, with area bishops, diocesan priest consultors and possibly with other local priests and laity.
The archdiocesan College of Consultors endorsed the committee's recommendations March 15, and Maida approved them.