smart card

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smart card

A plastic card containing a microchip and enabling the holder to purchase goods and services, enter restricted areas, access medical, financial, or other records, or perform other operations requiring data stored on the microchip.

smart card

(Computer Science) a plastic card with integrated circuits used for storing and processing computer data. Also called: laser card or intelligent card

smart′ card`

a small plastic card usu. embedded with an electronic memory chip, used for financial transactions, identification, as a key, etc.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: card - a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessorsmart card - a plastic card containing a microprocessor that enables the holder to perform operations requiring data that is stored in the microprocessor; typically used to perform financial transactions
positive identification - evidence proving that you are who you say you are; evidence establishing that you are among the group of people already known to the system; recognition by the system leads to acceptance; "a system for positive identification can prevent the use of a single identity by several people"
charge account credit, open-end credit, revolving credit - a consumer credit line that can be used up to a certain limit or paid down at any time
بِطاقَه ذَكِيَّه
paměťová karta
intelligens kártyamemóriakártya
čipová kreditná karta
pametna kartica
akıllı kartmikrodevre kartı


(smaːt) adjective
1. neat and well-dressed; fashionable. You're looking very smart today; a smart suit.
2. clever and quick in thought and action. We need a smart boy to help in the shop; I don't trust some of those smart salesmen.
3. brisk; sharp. She gave him a smart slap on the cheek.
1. (of part of the body) to be affected by a sharp stinging feeling. The thick smoke made his eyes smart.
2. to feel annoyed, resentful etc after being insulted etc. He is still smarting from your remarks.
the stinging feeling left by a blow or the resentful feeling left by an insult. He could still feel the smart of her slap/insult.
ˈsmarten (often with up) verb
to make or become smarter. He has smartened up a lot in appearance lately.
ˈsmartly adverb
The soldiers stood smartly to attention; She is always smartly dressed.
ˈsmartness noun
ˈsmart bomb noun
a bomb that is designed to locate the target and hit it accurately.
ˈsmart card noun
an advanced version of a credit card, with a computer memory, which can be used for such purposes as paying money and identification.
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"E-Tong Card" is the only contactless smartcard used for electronic payments in the public transportation system of Xiamen, China, and it started to come into use in 2006.
In addition, the EX80 helps safeguard information from future attacks through multifactor authentication, which can be achieved through the Windows Login and the contactless Smartcard (HF RFID) reader.
While SETL provided a contactless smartcard for digitised payments (based on blockchain), Deloitte applied its Smart Identity blockchain ID system and Metro Bank hosted a connected client account for a pilot programme in which more than 100 people took part.
The Toughbook 20 comes with all of the advanced security features users expect from Windows devices and 6th Generation Intel.R CoreTM vProTM processor technology, plus integrated options such as insertable or contactless SmartCard readers, fingerprint readers for maximum flexibility for dual factor authentication.
Provider of digital security solutions Gemalto (Euronext: GTO) announced today that it has worked with PCCW-HKT, a Hong Kong based major mobile network operator, and Octopus Cards Limited (OCL), a contactless smartcard payment service provider, to bring the security and convenience of mobile NFC ticketing to its subscribers, as well as a number of additional value added NFC services.
The loyalty programme will include new loyalty cards using contactless smartcard technology from sQuid.
The best models offer integrated features such as barcode and finger print scanners, RFID reader, camera, GPS and contactless smartcard reader--eliminating the need and cost associated with carrying multiple pieces of equipment.
IX200, designed for entry level contactless smartcard access control applications.
Additional options include a contactless SmartCard reader, fingerprint reader, dedicated GPS, antenna pass through, serial port and more.