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informal contemporary


(kənˈtɛm poʊ)

adj. Informal.
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Costco and Hunter Contempo fan company are making customers aware of two ceiling fans that contained incorrect instructions on how to install the fan.
Social media is also an important marketing vehicle for Contempo Casual.
16) Certainly aided by the intellectual energy produced by Contempo, the bookstore quickly became an off-campus center of intellectual and educational life.
When she set up Contempo Lettings in 2007, Carolyn used her networking and organisational skills to quickly establish a presence in Scotland.
There's more to contempo Spanish-language cinema than the horror escapism of "The Orphanage" and "REC.
The winner will represent Contempo Spa at Planet Beach on the national and international stage and feature on all marketing campaigns for 2011.
WE have teamed up with Ireland's most innovative spa, Contempo Spa at Planet Beach, to offer EVERY reader 3 FREE spa therapies worth EUR150.
GLENVIEW, IL -- Contempo Art Publishing formerly Contemporary Arts Publishing, is proud to announce its exclusive partnership with nature artist Susan Andreasen The Florida-based artist studied at the Parsons School of Design and has since developed a unique and striking artistic style that pays homage to nature worldwide.
Ian Davidson is co-editor of Skald, poetry editor of English and will be co-editor of the Contempo Journal of Poetry and Poetics.
As a fierce patron of contempo R&B, I've been super bummed by lots of the trad songwriting that gets play, aka any post "Stay" Ne-Yo.
Oversized tonal flowers decorate designs in the Contempo Collection from Miresco Decorative Rugs.
Robert Byrd and the caustic ``Hard Times (Are Here Again)'' provide contempo political counterpoint to Golden State narratives of passion crimes and spaced-out nostalgia.