Contentious jurisdiction

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(Eng. Eccl. Law) jurisdiction over matters in controversy between parties, in contradistinction to voluntary jurisdiction, or that exercised upon matters not opposed or controverted.

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If the State does not comply with the recommendations and has accepted the contentious jurisdiction of the Court, the Commission may submit the matter to the Court, (62) which has the power to issue legally binding orders to the State.
The Court's contentious jurisdiction may be exercised only over States which recognize the Court's jurisdiction.
Could a link to the ICJ's consent-based contentious jurisdiction address concerns regarding the consent of the alleged aggressor State, at least in an indirect way?
She covers the advisory jurisdiction, the contentious jurisdiction, and provisional measures.
In the past, the Court has by and large developed its jurisprudence through them, having rendered thirteen opinions under its advisory jurisdiction and six under its contentious jurisdiction.
In a case stemming from its contentious jurisdiction, the Court elaborated further upon how the American Convention's purpose of protecting human rights should inform its decisions: "[T]he Convention [should] be interpreted in favor of the individual, who is the object of international protection, as long as such an interpretation does not result in a modification of the system.
Below, we demonstrate that the failure of the early federal courts to curb non-contentious proceedings resulted not from oversight or inadvertence but from an understanding shared by the Framers and the lawyers of the Founding generation that the "judicial power" conferred by Article III consists of two distinct dimensions: contentious jurisdiction and non-contentious jurisdiction.
267) Contentious jurisdiction was "[j]urisdiction in cases involving a legal controversy between the parties to [a] trial" designed to resolve a conflict of legal or personal interests.
Passing through 24 often contentious jurisdictions, it's also begun to break down psychological barriers between towns: One local politician has called it a "Peace Trail.