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adv.1.In a contented manner.
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She suspected that her father had known all along what would happen and yet he planned her goodbye party, comfortably and contently.
The data utilized for this study were basically sourced from secondary data collection, and thus contently analyzed based on the nature and practical experience of how the access and the use of Internet has been hindered through undue intervention by governments in Africa.
Audacious Endeavors' giving partners include Broome Street Ganesha Temple, Surfrider and The Contently Foundation.
If so, then the architect of the new establishment is Spencer's former mentor, Paul Gottfried, a retired Jewish academic who lives, not quite contently, in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, on the east bank of the Susquehanna River.
You will still be playing this quite contently when FIFA 2018 is banging on your door, it has every wow factor you need.
Then I realized that 100 yards away was a solid 130-inch buck, head down and feeding contently.
One day a herder concerned over the occasional disappearance of his goats followed their tracks to a forested glade where he found them contently munching on the fresh red-green shoots of a wiry shrub.
19 February 2016 - US-based IT company Contently has acquired US-based marketing and sales analytics company Docalytics, the company said on Friday.
com/) Contently , a content marketing company, and a former Imgur user.
teaching assistantship in studio voice, I was contently fixed upon a
Give the therapist and your dog a little time to get to know each other and soon you should see your dog contently getting great, pain-relieving massages.
Roni browsed through the pages again and looked contently at the photograph of himself and Musa on the blade of the bulldozer.