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adv.1.In a contented manner.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Around 2,000 people have now shared the image of the seven-year-old horse contently waiting outside the boozer waiting for Andrew to come out.
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 21, 2019-: Freelance Management Software Market Is Booming Worldwide | Spera, Shortlist, Upwork, Contently, Kalo Industries
EQ Office recently completed a repositioning program at the historic building and signed apparell company SMCP Brands and marketing technology company Contently. Other tenants include GameChanger, Joan Creative, and Giant Spoon EQ Office was represented in-house by Scott Silverstein, as well as by Zachary Price, Michael Rizzo, Jeffrey Fischer, and Caroline Merck of CBRE.
He maintained that when he responded by saying that he has contently spent 56 years of his life in a 6 Marlas' house and would decide the two references in accordance with his oath and did not need anything.
When I responded by saying that have contently spent 56 years of my life in a 6 Marla's house and will decide the two References in accordance with my oath and did not need anything, Nasir Janjua claimed that he had the cash equivalent of Rs 100 million in Euros for me immediately available out of which the Euro equivalent of Rs.
The elk were feeding contently, so I used the opportunity of low light to back out and get my dad.
For two days, the unshackled horses had grazed contently around the camp but on the third day they took off right under the nose of Father Bazin who instinctively charged after the escaping horses in hot pursuit.
It is from the nearby Banderas Farm where Wagyu cows graze on grass contently, said Bouthiaux.
And the kitten purred contently in her box, wrapped in her cashmere blanket.
Once back at the guesthouse, I contently had a cup of coffee while discussing the morning's adventure with the manager: a wonderful chap who shared my passion for both wildlife and fishing.
Joe Lazauskas is head of content strategy at Contently and co-author of The Storytelling Edge.
"The exponential growth in both technology and data in 2018 put marketers in a very difficult position to try to keep up," says John Fernandez, VP of revenue marketing at Contently. "We saw many marketers this year throw their hands up in the air and realize they are unable to do everything." That wasn't necessarily all bad though, he states.