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v. t.1.To context.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The large flatbed surface, fast scanning speeds and ultra-flexible design makes the Contex IQ FLEX the perfect solution for a demanding user such as NCAP.
Key players operating in the orthokeratology market, as identified in the report, include The Cooper Companies Inc., Euclid Systems Corporation, GP Specialists, Inc., Menicon Co., Ltd., Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., TruForm Optics, Inc., MiracLens L.L.C., Art Optical Contact Lens, Inc., and Contex, Inc.
"It provides contex to see how math can be useful outside of just solving equations," Gann says.
"It's an important time to be celebrating Paa Joe's legacy," says the gallery's founder, Marwan Zakhem, "not only to mark his 40th year in this business, along with his birthday, but also to reflect on his legacy in the wider contex t of Ghana's contemporary art scene."
[beauco moins que] Cette rencontre devrait AaAaAeA tre un espace d'AaAaAeA@change et de concerta sur les thAaAaAeA?mes de la recherche scientifique et de discuter les problAaAaAeA@mati majeures pour assurer une qualitAaAaAeA@ de l'enseignement dans un contex marquAaAaAeA@ par l'introduction des nouvelle mAaAaAeA@thodes d'enseignement [beau plus grand que].
Et cette problAaAaAeA@matique est encore plus criante dans notre contex actuel, oAaAaAeA la formation initiale par sa qualitAaAaAeA@, mais aussi par contenu et ses implantations gAaAaAeA@ographiques est en dAaAaAeA@calage avec besoins du monde du travail.
En el contex de un creciente triunfo del peronismo nacionalista (PerAaAaAeA n ganarAaAaAeA a elecciones presidenciales "con una victoria aplastante" el 11 de noviembre de ese mismo aAaAaAeA~o).
The New Contex, which tracks spot rate levels for 1,100-4,250 TEU vessels posted a 2 point or 0.7 percent rise to 293 while the Howe Robinson Containership Index increased by 0.6 percent - its first rise since July 2016.
Global Scanning develops, manufactures and markets large-format scanning solutions for the computer-aided design (CAD), geographic information systems (GIS), reprographic products, copy services and document archiving segments under the brand names of Contex and Colortrac, respectively.