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Noun1.Continuity Irish Republican Army - a terrorist organization formed in Ireland in 1994 as a clandestine armed wing of Sinn Fein
act of terrorism, terrorism, terrorist act - the calculated use of violence (or the threat of violence) against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or coercion or instilling fear
Eire, Ireland, Irish Republic, Republic of Ireland - a republic consisting of 26 of 32 counties comprising the island of Ireland; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1921
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THE Continuity IRA last night denied its members carried out the bloody Regency Hotel shooting.
In a statement to the BBC in Belfast, the Continuity IRA said they ordered the killing of David Byrne using a six-man gang, some armed with Kalashnikov assault rifles and dressed in Swat team uniforms, at the Regency Hotel.
Police also believe there are nearly as many as 30 distinct groupings operating across Northern Ireland, some claiming to be the Real IRA, some Continuity IRA, some from Oglaigh na hEireann, with other groups claiming no affiliation at all.
BELFAST -- Thousands gathered in Northern Ireland on March 11 for peace vigils to protest the shooting of a policeman and two soldiers by members of the Continuity IRA.
The dissident republican group Continuity IRA claimed responsibility for the killing in Craigavon, Co Armagh.
He was before Lisburn Magistrates' Court also charged with membership of a proscribed organisation, the dissident republican Continuity IRA, possession of a firearm with intent and collecting information likely to be of use to terrorists.
The 17-year-old youth, who is also charged with membership of the illegal Continuity IRA, will appear at Lisburn Magistrates' Court today.
The recent security for cemurders were carried out by the Continuity IRA and the Real IRA dissident republican groups, who oppose the peace process.
Constable Stephen Carroll was shot dead by the Continuity IRA in Craigavon, Co Armagh, on Monday night and soldiers Mark Quinsey, 23, and Patrick Azimkar, 21, were shot by the Real IRA at Massereene Army barracks, Antrim on Saturday night.
The Continuity IRA said it planted the incendiary-style device, which was driven near to York Road police station last night.
THREE men were arrested in Britain yesterday as part of an operation into the Continuity IRA and criminal activity in Ireland, Irish police said.

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