Contract system

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Con´tract sys´tem

1.The sweating system.
2.The system of employing convicts by selling their labor (to be performed inside the prison) at a fixed price per day to contractors who are allowed to have agents in the prison to superintend the work.
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During the government of former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the government acknowledged right of the fishermen over the wetlands and abolished the contract system in 1976,' he recalled.
They said that contract system had also damaged fishermen's economy since the lakes were given under the direct control of landowners.
Liaqat Sahi of Democratic Workers Federation of State Bank of Pakistan said that third party contract system was introduced by General Pervaiz Musharraf regime, which is very exploitative in nature.
The e-employment contract system was implemented from March 1, 2016 and is mandatory for first, excellent, international and consultant grade job seekers and on June 1 for second, third and fourth-grade establishments.
HYDERABAD -- Sacked 46 workers of Untied Textile Mills Site Hyderabad staged sin in before main gate of the factory condeming action of their retrenchment and contract system and demanding to be taken back on work.
Councils across Tyne and Wear have been recommended by Metroowner Nexus to go for a Quality Contract system which will hand them london style powers to set all bus routes, fares and time tables.
The teachers who registered through the Unified Contract System should receive this amount which is in line with a royal decree and should not accept less than the stated amount.
8, 2012 (CENS) -- Some contract system makers in Taiwan saw sales growth in September, and anticipate even-better results in October, thanks to the Windows 8 effects, according to industry sources.
In a professional era, with the contract system we now have, I suppose it's bound to happen.
Sydney, Feb 24( ANI ): Cricket Australia (CA) chief James Sutherland has said he wants a new contract system that would reduce the number of number of players with central contracts.
A new contract system will be put in place within 90 days, based on performance.