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a.1.Tending to contract; having the property or power or power of contracting.
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Dynamic rocking and the apt mixture produce more quantity of mature heart-muscles cells, with more contractive force and superior physiological function, as compared to patches made with mono-layered cells which are not dynamically rocked.
20% of 1-repetition maximum) is combined with BFR, it significantly augments muscle size, strength, and endurance beyond what could possibly be gained by contractive exercise.
Trimmed mesh strategy was employed for all contractive cases with refinement in mirror region.
Davidson, Fuller, and Kakariadis examine the semicrossed products of a semigroup action by *-endomorphisms on a C*-algebra, or more generally of an action on an arbitrary operator algebra by completely contractive endomorphisms.
2] is self-similar if there is a finite set of contractive similarities [F.
A heteroglossic proposition might be dialogically expansive, in which case the writer opens up space for alternative positions, or dialogically contractive, in which case other voices and alternatives are introduced into the text with the express purpose of limiting them.
Due to the fractal Contractive Mapping Theorem and Collage Theory, the depth map can be approximately recovered by iteratively applying the fractal transforms to an arbitrary depth map [16, 21].
Model predictive control instabilities caused by a short predictive horizon can be stabilized using a predictive contractive constraint for a linear predictive control system with softening constraints [4].
The contractive characteristics of mammal skeletal muscles are determined by myosin heavy chain (MHC) subtypes.
For this aim, it is sufficient to show that the operator G maps Q (M; T) into Q (M; T) and G : Q (M; T) [right arrow] Q (M; T) is strictly contractive if T is appropriately small relative to M.
The average contractive pressure of patients was 13217 mmHg, and the average diastolic pressure of patients was 8310 mmHg.
The reduction of size is already a fact in the clear timbre, where no infrahyoideous muscles came into action to counteract the action of the arytenoideous muscles; but it is especially striking, if we produce the sounds in the sombre timbre [voix sombree, voix mixte]; the lips of the glottis must then, by their own contractive force, resist not only the column of air, but also the opposed and considerable force of the depressor muscles, which tend to open the thyroid cartilage and to separate these same lips.