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a.1.Tending to contract; having the property or power or power of contracting.
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If L = 1, then F is said to be nonexpansive and if L [member of] (0, 1), then we call F contractive.
Expansive postures, unlike contractive postures, involve space-taking stances such as standing or seating with arms and legs spread.
"You almost have a contractive effect from the muscles to the uterus," Dr Allard says.
If [f.sub.i] is contractive, then, we can take [[psi].sub.i] (t) := (1 - Lip([f.sub.i]))t.
Dynamic rocking and the apt mixture produce more quantity of mature heart-muscles cells, with more contractive force and superior physiological function, as compared to patches made with mono-layered cells which are not dynamically rocked.
However, while many researchers have proved useful results on the equivalence of the various iterations, that is, the convergence of any of the iterative methods to the unique fixed point of the contractive operator for single map T is equivalent to the convergence of the other iterations (see [16-24]), it is observed that little result is known of the equivalence of implicit schemes for a pair of maps [25].
[15] established the new idea of dislocated b-metric space as a conception of metric space and proved some common FP results for four mappings fulfilling the generalized weak contractive conditions in partially ordered dislocated b-metric space.
Also these generalizations have been associated with new and generalized classes of contractive mappings.
One says that the mapping T defined on the metric space (X, d) is contractive if d(Tx, Ty) < d(x, y) holds, whenever x [not equal to] y.
Lim, "On characterizations of Meir-Keeler contractive maps," Nonlinear Analysis: Theory, Methods & Applications, vol.
[9] had a new perspective to obtain common fixed points of particular contractive mappings on a space with two metrics.