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a.1.Filled with contradictions; inconsistent.
2.Inclined to contradict or cavil
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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I lay the pen down, and a hundred of her sayings ring in my ears, with my own contradictious comments, that I was doomed so soon to repent; a hundred visions of her start to my eyes; and there is the trade-wind singing in the rigging, and loosening a tress of my darling's hair, till it flies like a tiny golden streamer in the tropic sun.
Wherefore she wedded a little man in a rifle regiment, being by nature contradictious; and the White Hussars were going to wear crape on their arms, but compromised by attending the wedding in full force, and lining the aisle with unutterable reproach.
Even though contradictious data are present in the literature, prognostic scoring systems (PSS) are used widely to make judgements in an objective manner (5).
The transformation process of a strong but contradictious individual is demonstrated via mentioning the past, i.e., Arta's old life with her husband-alcoholic, full of phantoms and humiliation, does not exist anymore, but the opera stage is only a platform on the way towards the understanding of the new world, it is the space of initiation to inner freedom.