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a.1.Filled with contradictions; inconsistent.
2.Inclined to contradict or cavil
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I lay the pen down, and a hundred of her sayings ring in my ears, with my own contradictious comments, that I was doomed so soon to repent; a hundred visions of her start to my eyes; and there is the trade-wind singing in the rigging, and loosening a tress of my darling's hair, till it flies like a tiny golden streamer in the tropic sun.
The word, even the most contradictious word, preserves contact it is silence which isolates (Mann, 1924/ 1960, p.
On the whole the men displayed a contradictious way of relating to their bodies and health.
Of 7 experts invited, 4 experts participated to the meeting during which questionnaires filled by 7 experts were re-viewed and cleared from contradictious misleading responses resulting from misunderstanding.
My essay is an Orthodox presentation that explains all seeming contradictious without compromising the integrity and unity of the sacred written text, the "Torah She-bikhtav.
2003; 2004; 2005; 2007) offer no recommendation or explanation concerning price composition, the articles going beyond these cited above focus on specific elements of 3PL contracts and result in varying and often contradictious conclusions.