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a.1.Contradictory; inconsistent.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Samir Sabri, lawyer representing Shaalan described Al-Gindi's statement as "dishonest" and "contradictive."
Sule described Council's stance as contradictive with the laws and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement.
The contradictive verdicts issued by the courts regarding the party's leadership did little to improve the situation.
This contradictive structure is telling, when compared with the process in which large parts of Europe went through a shift from transcendence to immanence.
On the other hand, if I([u.sup.m](x,[t.sub.0])) = 0 and [[parallel][nabla][u.sup.m](x,[t.sub.0])[parallel].sup.p] [not equal to] 0, then by the definition of d we obtain J([u.sup.m](x, to)) [greater than or equal to] d, again contradictive with (3.3).
LAHORE -- Due to the contradictive and ineffective policies of the School Education Department (SED), parents have been left at the mercy of private schools.
While these findings appear to be contradictive, they provide a new insight into disease pathogenesis and progression which will improve our understanding and most likely will lead to new treatment pathways and diagnostic endpoints.
The analysis and estimation of efficiency parameters are not straightforward, as they are often contradictive and much dependent on the working environment.
Naturally, humans have a large effect on coyote populations as well--in two seemingly contradictive ways.
Although the treatment of parapneumonic empyema of children is similar to that of adults', treatment implementations of children are still contradictive. Numerous studies have defended that operative interventions are rarely necessary, on the other hand, some have suggested the benefits of early decortication in selected cases (12-15).