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a.1.Contradictory; inconsistent.
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The process of building a cognitive profile of a student is based on several characteristics, such as the student's prior knowledge on the particular subject, knowledge gaps, contradictive answers and actions, even from the student's attitude during the exercise and his/her willingness to participate.
Since the SNR target increases with the power, the SNR target maximization and the power consumption target minimization are contradictive.
3) Yet, both his legacy and the inherent ambiguous and contradictive nature of his writing seem to demand (re)assessment of his life and work from every possible angle, no matter how unflattering and incongruous to contemporary attitudes.
sup][11],[44] These findings were ascribed to the nature of the selected patients and sample size; hence, a contradictive opinion in other studies has presented no increase in the incidence of postoperative mortality and morbidity, compared with the non-NCRTS group.
Among the topics are single-phase type-I multiferroics: resolving the seemingly contradictive requirements for ferroelectrity and magnetism, bulk magnetoelectric composites: direct and converse magnetoelectric effects, the Landau theory of multiferroics, first-principle calculations for multiferroic BiFeO3, and topological vortex defects in an improper ferroelectric.
El-Gerzawy said that Egypt's mitigation strategies are contradictive.
The data volume consumption increased rapidly while the CSP revenue is on the contradictive way.
The first decades of the XXI century, while being contradictive, shook the foundations of the world order established previously and highlighted the attractiveness of the model of a socially oriented market economy, which integrates both the free market component in the form of effective distribution of production factors based on the different forms of ownership, and the welfare component in the form of elevated level and quality of life of the population (Shenayev, 2004, p.
The latter, as a reflection, reveal not just enigmas, but a contradictive reality with irrefutable clarity: fear and the longing for freedom, scarcity and youth, inequality and hunger for democracy, natural wealth and a barefooted childhood that awaits us.
In fact, most charter schools decide on admission, review, and dismissal based on behavior which is legally contradictive to IDEA (Estes, 2004).
INCOMPATIBLE AND CONTRADICTIVE VIEWS Similar to Samuel Huntigton's theory of "Clash of Civilizations" the two political bases (that of Islamists and indigenous African) are of total contradictive nature.
So to select a suitable topic is quite important to fulfill the two contradictive purposes at the same time.