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a.1.Contrary; opposed; antagonistic; inconsistent; contradictory.
The struggles of contrariant factions.
- Coleridge.
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An appendix explains, with regard to its role in the unfolding of life, that "[t]he resistance of a contrariant subject in nature is throughout implied; and if the process be that of converting resistance into willing subjection and cooperation, it cannot, from the imperfection of the subject, be effected otherwise than gradatively" (VD 58).
Le dernier but que nous encaissons n'est pas une catastrophe, mais c'est contrariant parce que nous etions proches du 4-1 et tout a coup nous voila a 3-2.
480-505) en contrariant des offres de partages du royaume lui-meme qui sont encore plus ignominieuses (v.