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a.1.Capable of being contributed.
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If the acquisition is not completed by June 30 due to reasons contributable to ATA, then such major shareholders shall be entitled to retain the related deposit as damages.
[6,7] There is evidence to suggest that up to 90% of maternal anaemia may be contributable to inadequate consumption of dietary iron.
The central bank said the surge in CAD was largely contributable to a spike in productive imports (machinery, petroleum, metal and transport).
The holding company also, in addition to holding stock in its subsidiaries, has assets on the left side of its balance sheet that include cash and loans to subsidiaries--shown on the chart as "contributable assets" because the holding company typically manages a centralized treasury function to use such assets to distribute funds to its subsidiaries as needed.
Also, it is indicated that the appropriate distribution of fine particles of cement can be contributable to the decrease of heat of hydration.
(ii) Further, the Insurance Policy/Riot And Strike Endorsement would not cover any Loss or Damage, either directly or indirectly caused, or arising or contributable to Ionizing Radiation or Radio-activity Contamination from any Nuclear Fuel, Nuclear-waste Combustion.
(35) According to the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center, at least 107 cases of mosquito-borne viral encephalitedes (contributable to either WEE, EEE, or other less common arboviruses) were reported between 2005 and 2014, with cases originating annually from the Marines, Army, Air Force, and Navy, (38) further demonstrating their contributory role in serviceman illness.
In addition, the research on endogenous regulations and the involved mechanisms will also be contributable. For instance, intracellular [Ca.sup.2+]/CaM and PI[P.sub.2]/3 have been shown strong inhibition on EAG1 channel gating.
This is contributable to the smaller amount of fuel added to the cycle as compression ratio increases and therefore cylinder volume at BDC decreases.
It means the center of the outermost beams actually be outside the trunk, which was also contributable to the overestimation of TC diameter.
"Mr Middup said he would contact Michael Shersby and ask him to make sure he mentioned the drinking of Liverpool supporters was contributable to the tragedy when the debate took place."