Contribution plan

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Con`tri`bu´tion plan

1.(Life Insurance) A plan of distributing surplus by giving to each policy the excess of premiums and interest earned thereon over the expenses of management, cost of insurance, and the policy value at the date of computation. This excess is called the contribution of the policy.
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Treasurer Magaziner has recommended, and the State Investment Commission has approved, a new socially responsible investment option -which excludes companies that manufacture firearms- for Rhode Island's 401(a) Defined Contribution plan.
While 87 percent of those workers have access to a defined benefit plan, only 36 percent have access to a defined contribution plan.
NAGDCA is a professional organization made up of the deferred compensation/defined contribution plan administrators from the 50 states and over 100 local governments and entities, as well as the private industry plan providers.
Summary paragraph: Defined contribution plan predictions
The Investment Company Institute unveiled this finding in its February 2014 report, "Defined Contribution Plan Participants' Activities: First Three Quarters of 2013.
1] Under Targeted Contribution Plan Values of [[lambda].
Two-thirds of Hispanics and 68% of blacks contributed to a defined contribution plan in 2010, while 79% of whites and 80% of Asian workers did so.
6 percentage points is quite impressive, this impact is undoubtedly muted to some extent by the interaction of defined contribution plan accumulations," according to the report.
Final regulations define three methods under which a cross tested defined contribution plan can satisfy the nondiscrimination in amount requirement.
NTCA's Savings Plan is an example of a defined contribution plan.
A substantial portion of the work force frequently views traditional defined benefit programs as competitive with or even superior to hybrid or defined contribution plan designs, especially if the employer clearly communicates the defined benefit plan's benefits.
In light of the poor performanc e of some defined contribution plan participants (e.
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