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Google maps has caused controversary in other areas of the world where it was launched due to privacy concerns, often be people caught on Google's camera's.
US diplomat Richard Hass was due in Northern Ireland in coming days to hold talks on contentious parades, the controversary over flags and dealing with the past.
The indirect approach allows the discussion to go on with both parties keeping their face despite controversary opinions.
Unfortunately, different ideological perspectives about religious doubting spawn controversary and confusion within the Christian church.
Consequently, any and all civic engagement remains in controversary in a civil society and harmony between diverse groups and diverse individuals remains confrontational because of their universal interpretive acceptability of their extra criterion orientation that is maintained by each diverse group as the only acceptable standard of ethical conduct.
The motion of particles that controls the composition profile is still debated because of controversary about scope and scale of these motions, particularly in concentrated dispersions [13, 14].
Among experts, there is some controversary regarding what the IPv4 replacement standard will actually be.