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A partly enclosed, directly heated surface from which warm air circulates by convection.


(kənˈvɛktə) or

convector heater

(Mechanical Engineering) a space-heating device from which heat is transferred to the surrounding air by convection


(kənˈvɛk tər)

any fluid or device transferring heat by convection.
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Noun1.convector - a space heater that transfers heat to the surrounding air by convection
heater, warmer - device that heats water or supplies warmth to a room


[kənˈvektəʳ] N (also convector heater, convection heater) → calentador m de convección


[kənˈvɛktər] nradiateur m à convectionconvector heater nradiateur m à convection


n (also convector heater)Heizlüfter m


[kənˈvɛktəʳ] n (also convector heater, convection heater) → convettore m
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The nights are getting colder and darker so it's time to wrap up and keep warm with these brilliant buys COSY UP Dimplex 403TSFTie convector heater, ao.
To fix the gap between the air intake and the ceiling cavity, a slope was mounted to get a smooth transition in the airstream, supported by the warm convection stream produced by a convector heater.
Also stolen was a white tumble dryer, a silver coloured microwave oven, a Bosch electric drill, a Russell Hobbs steam iron, a white Sky television box, a 10ft by 6ft brown and beige square patterned rug, a green cordless telephone and cradle, a small portable halogen heater, a portable convector heater and a pendulum clock.
He continued, "The Improved designs also include all the other features you have come to expect from the Nestbox Company; Accurately sized entrances to deter predators and birds; Easy bat access via a "bat ladder" (which now doubles as a convector heater for the box); Easy human access for monitoring (where permitted); Great designs that look as good on the wall of a building as on a tree and are easy, safe and straightforward to put up.
ZENA SAYS: B&Q have a large black cast-iron-effect stove with logs and a convector heater for pounds 99.
POWRMATIC's Aquamaster fan convector heater has achieved top marks from a large secondary school in Wolverhampton.
The photo gives a rare glimpse into her domestic life - including how she uses an electric convector heater in the fireplace to keep warm.
Peter Smith, fire service station officer, said: "We believe a convector heater that should have been mounted to a wall to allow free air flow, was placed on a chair or table, near to where the occupant was sleeping in the front bedroom.
Our motorhome came fully equipped with four-burner gas hob and grill, hot water boiler, convector heater, shower, flush toilet and fridge - essential for keeping the wine chilled.
A Llanelli inquest heard that a convector heater in his bedroom was probably to blame for the blaze.

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