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One who attends a convention.


(ˌkɒnvɛnʃəˈnɪə) ,




chiefly US a person who is attending a convention


(kənˌvɛn ʃəˈnɪər)

1. a person, as a political delegate, who participates in a convention.
2. to participate in a convention.
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Noun1.conventioneer - someone who attends a convention
attendee, meeter, attendant, attender - a person who is present and participates in a meeting; "he was a regular attender at department meetings"; "the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees"


[kənˌvenʃəˈnɪəʳ] N (esp US) → asistente mf a un congreso, congresista mf


n (esp US) → Konferenzteilnehmer(in) m(f)
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Conventioneers will elect FIJ gender equality council, the Presidium and the Congress commissions.
"However, we are concerned about this proposal in its current form, specifically the exemption favoring large venue owners, whose customer base includes visitors and conventioneers, and the potential unintended consequences for small businesses in Chicago."
Just think what the thousands of conventioneers, spending upwards of $600 daily, would mean to air ridership and attracting carriers to MacArthur Airport, occupancy rates at hotels and restaurants surrounding the convention center and sales tax revenues for Suffolk County.
MD&M conventioneers guests have significant time constraints given their conferences, exhibits, and corporate meetings.
He said the reason people choose New Orleans for conventions is that it's a city that can feed and house up to 30,000 people comfortably.<br />"We have lots of hotels already servicing conventioneers and there are several under construction to meet the current unmet demand," Hand said.<br />However, property in close proximity to the Convention Center has gone undeveloped, he said, with a lot of the city-owned land being used for parking.<br />"It's crazy," Hand said.
One evening is open for conventioneers to explore the city, said Beck.
Dan Patrick opened the convention with speeches, each hitting on some of their favorite issues and also trying to get conventioneers thinking about the general election fight ahead.
THE spirit of togetherness among citizens and expatriates during the recently concluded Qatar National Day (QND) was spiced up and even made sweeter by the local conventioneers who prepared special sweets to make this occasion more memorable.
Sure, most of the guests in the Hotel Eastlund's 168 rooms may be conventioneers attending trade shows across the street, but there's nothing stopping you from taking the Portland Streetcar a few blocks south to the Central Eastside Industrial District, which we anointed the hottest artisanal-foods hood a few months back, or over the Broadway Bridge to the Pearl District.
The goods and services purchased by conventioneers help area retailers and provide sales tax revenue that helps the whole community.
Following a potential political sex scandal through the eyes of the politician, "Zipper" plays like an odd hybrid of "Shame" and a season-long subplot on "House of Cards." Tawdry but cripplingly self-serious, the second feature from Mora Stephens (a full decade after her little-seen, also politically themed debut "Conventioneers") benefits from Patrick Wilson's committed star turn.
It will connect directly with MARTA heavy rail, 22 regional express bus routes, 10 local bus routes, and seven city bicycle routes, provides service to over 7,000 people who live within a quarter mile of the streetcar and over 4.7 million tourists and 1.38 million conventioneers who visit downtown Atlanta every year and provide crucial service to students from Georgia State University as well as the 688,000 patients who visit Grady Memorial Hospital and Children s Healthcare of Atlanta each year.